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Sun, Jun. 22nd, 2008, 06:41 am
Afternoon Hunting...

Sometimes a walk in the woods turns into a kind of slapstick comedy that makes one think back and wonder what the hell happened. A friend and I went deep into the mountain woods amongst a land covered in almost fluorescent green ferns, thick native trees, and rock formations of considerable size. It was the kind of place where mature trees seemingly loomed over you; nevertheless, their canopy gave way to the filtered light that fed the ferns and Laurels that seem to have taken over the floor below. The cicadas were deafening, for there were three different subspecies that were flying around.

The two of us were there for different reasons. I was there for photographic opportunities; above all, a chance to put some of the stuff I'd studied about perspective into practice. My friend--an arbor lover belonging to a society striving to save the diminishing American Chestnuts--was mapping out trees to be studied and cross-pollinated.

Within five minutes into the walk I came across a beautiful rock formation with a natural hollowed-out archway. Because I was using a 135mm lens, I had to jump across various parts of the formation in order to get a good shot. It led to trouble, for my foot missed one of the rocks which sent me plummeting downwards--hurting my wrist and ankle in the process. I fell into a pile of pine needles. I had no choice but to laugh after I landed.

Only then did I discover a simple little path that would have taken me to the location I wanted without having to jump over the rocks.

I was on edge a bit of the time because of the black bears that had been spotted around the exact area we were in. Their evidence was clear: rocks overturned and decaying trees torn up in an attempt to look for grubs. There were no bears that day. It was a sigh of relief, yet it was also one of disappointment. The only wildlife that showed up was a deer and quite a few squirrels.

I did, however, manage to piss off a few of the cicadas, and my friend sat in an ant hill. I don't have photographic documentation, so you'll have to take my word for it. I'll post any decent photos that I get back from the lab.