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Mon, Jun. 16th, 2008, 02:44 pm

It's quite a beautiful day here in the valley. I'm in a good mood. All of my work is completed, and I'll have this whole week to myself. I can hopefully catch up on my studies and maybe even snap that roll of that PAN F film I've been wanting to play with. A few macro shots here and there, some architecture, and red and green filters shall bring out the photographic kid in me. I giggle with anticipatory glee. Hee.

I wanted to try a few different lenses, so I placed an order for a 135mm lense--a lense that may be incompatible with my camera. I went by the assumption that my camera had a PK mount. If it doesn't fit I'll be quite agitated; however, I'll find some kind of use for it, and my stupidity will be overcome by experience.

Good week to all,