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Thu, Jun. 5th, 2008, 04:03 pm
Come, Summer Storms...

I'm sure the file at my general practitioner's office will soon need a crane in order to move it. The amount of medical testing I've acquired is quite atypical for a "young" lad of my age; however, the undiagnosed pain I have is atypical as well.

I got some results today, and it's a stunning thing. I was given the option of choosing another surgeon if I decided--A good thing since my original surgeon ditched the state and my last surgeon treated me like I was a waste of time.

I've been scheduled an ultrasound this week for a closer look at a post-operative seroma and whether it's grown since the last operation. The course of my treatment will follow from there, and hopefully mark the genesis of my pain management.

Scissor Me Timbers,